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OneMain Financial is a financial service brand, located at 8543 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 . It provides Payday Loans, Title Loans, and other services. Visiting recommendations cannot be made at this time due to the lack of customer feedback. If you have visited this store, we highly recommend your leave feedback about your personal experience at OneMain Financial. The feedback will help us to generate visiting recommendations and benefit other customers.


OneMain Financial is a financial service brand, located at 8543 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 . It provides Payday Loans, Title Loans, and other services. Visiting recommendations cannot be made at this time due to the lack of customer feedback. If you have visited this store, we highly recommend your leave feedback about your personal experience at OneMain Financial. The feedback will help us to generate visiting recommendations and benefit other customers.


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How to Apply Loan on OneMain Financial?

Step 1 Eligibility and Documents

  • An Active Bank Account
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Most Recent Bank Statement
  • Checking Account + Bank Routing Number
  • Social Security Number/ITIN

Step 2 Location and driving instructions for OneMain Financial

The address is 8543 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 .

Step 3 Fill out the application form

Waiting in line and talking to the staff when called. Fill out the application with your basic information and return it when finished.

Step 4 Review the term and sign the loan agreement (if approved)

Review the offer and rate. If you get approved and accept the term, you will need to sign the loan agreement in order to receive the loan.

Step 5 Received your loan.

Get a check, cash, or direct deposit for the amount you asked for. You are all set!

OneMain Financial Compare With Personal Loans

OneMain FinancialPersonal Loans
Est. Process Time1-2 daysAs fast as 2 hours
Approval LevelStandardHigh
Simplicity LevelStandard Easy (Apply Online)
Bad Credit ApproveConsiderConsider
Loan limit$100-$2000$100-$10000

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How should I contact the OneMain Financial?

    Please call (405) 848-7736 or visit their own websites if available. Please check at:

  2. 2. Where is the address of the OneMain Financial?

    OneMain Financial is located at 8543 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 . Opening from 8:30 AM - 17:30 PM Monday. You may want to call for the hours before the visit.

  3. 3. Does OneMain Financial provide online loan service?

    While it is not normally possible to complete the entire process online, it is still possible to check availability on this merchant's website. Please check at:

  1. 4. Are there any alternatives to OneMain Financial?

    You can visit our page to check out reviews and recommendations for other local stores. If you prefer a completely online, no-contact, and secure option, CreditYelp is a good resource to consider in order to avoid long driving and waiting times.

  2. 5. What is APR?

    Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, is the total interest and fees charged for borrowing expressed as a yearly rate. It is a way to compare different types of loans and determine the cost of borrowing. It is important to note that APR is not the same as the interest rate, as it also includes any fees that are charged for borrowing.

  3. 6. What makes payday loan has such high APR?

    Payday loans often have a high APR because it is calculated based on an annual rate, including all fees and interest, but payday loans are typically only intended to be paid off on the borrower's next payday. A flat rate is typically charged for the amount borrowed.

OneMain Financial Reviews

3.7 stars based on 8 reviews

Featured Comments:

  • user avatar
    Ray Schneider
    - 2 years ago

    Spoke to a opener for one hour and thirty minutes about refinancing my truck and how excited i was that on the refinance i would get $4000 and we discussed this numerous times! She explained to me that she didn't have exact number but on the low end payments would be $242 per month and high end would be $330. When the closer called me after everything was said and done and being finalized and ready to sign they tried to have me sign for between $600-$714 per month on the payments with 23% APR! Who thing seemed unprofessional and like they where baiting and fishing or trying to pull the trick and just get the clients to sign! Pay very close attention to make sure what your signing is the same as what you discussed!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Ray, thanks for reaching out to OneMain. We consider interest rates on the basis of a few different factors, including your ability to meet our credit standards, which includes things like your credit history and your income after your monthly expenses. Your local branch is there for you to answer any questions you may have, and you can find their contact information here: Thanks. -AS

  • user avatar
    Anna Hall
    - 2 years ago

    I do not recommend using OneMain as we have had constant problems and they do not verify clients accounts before accessing them and have accessed the wrong account on two separate occasions. In December 2021, we called them about doing a half payment because with the holidays and rising inflation, money was tighter that month. They said no problem and took our bank account information for the automatic payment. A couple days later, the payment amount and bank account we previously were using were still showing the same. That’s when it dawned on us, that they likely accessed the wrong account and put OUR bank account information on someone else’s account so not only was our full payment going to go through, but someone else’s payment was going to go through OUR bank account. We called them as soon as we could and it was confirmed that they put it on someone else’s account with the same name because when we called all they asked for was a name! They didn’t bother to verify address, email address, phone number… nothing else! Luckily, we caught it in time and they were able to change everything. We were pretty livid and asked if we could skip the whole months payment as compensation. They said they would “try” but if they couldn’t then we could do a half payment for January as well. Of course they didn’t allow us to skip the whole payment so we called them a few days before the New Year to remind them they offered to do another half payment and everything seemed well until a couple of days later, we noticed, once again, that the balance had not changed!! It was pretty obvious that they put it on the wrong account again!! Unfortunately this time, due to New Year, they wouldn’t be open again until the day after our payment was due so we just paid half and called them the very next day. The woman we spoke to said she would fix it but she had to add our bank account information as part of the process and promised another payment wouldn’t go through since we already paid half. What do you know, a couple of days later the other half of the payment went through our bank account even though we hdouble checked with her multiple times. Please go with a different lender as this company does not take customers information seriously and regularly accesses accounts with only a name and no other verified information!!

    Response from the owner

    Hello Anna and thanks for reaching out. We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, Google username and a few more details about your experience. -AS

  • user avatar
    Joshua Lovett
    - 2 years ago

    I noticed one teller with a customer two other people sitting around doing nothing including the manager. She starts Smalltalk with me, was nice, after the elderly lady talking with the teller was there for 10 minutes didn’t know what to sign any of her information etc. I ask the manager could someone else help me, she assured me that it wouldn’t take long, after another 10 minutes I had had enough. Awful customer service especially from this dollar store puppet manager!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Joshua, thanks for reaching out to us. We wanted to confirm if your review was for the correct business? OneMain Financial is a consumer loan company and not a bank. We specialize in providing personal loans and would be unable to cash a check. -AS

  • user avatar
    Larry Ross
    - 2 years ago

    Man has it been a journey but I have to say I’ve been receiving exceptional service for the guys at Rockwell. One gentlemen that stands out to me is Alec (I hope I spelled your name right). He was kind enough to help me out with a deferment being that funds are low and my dog went through surgery. Without hesitating the guy let’s me know he can work something out for me and sent his goodbye wishes to my puppy. Thank you again Alec! God bless you!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Larry, We wanted to take a moment to thank you for telling us more about your experience. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service – thanks again for the fantastic feedback! Best wishes -JS

  • user avatar
    Daniel Gabbert
    - 3 years ago

    Started a loan with OneMain. Process went semi-smooth. First payment was due in December. When asked to do autopay I made sure I verified with the girl that, “If I pay early we’re good right?” Here we are 6 Days before Christmas and I guess I’m now paid up until February. Best part is being told that it’s my fault. Here’s hoping it gets better ????

    Response from the owner

    Hi Daniel,

  • user avatar
    - 4 years ago

    If there really is a lack of power at this branch location that allows reps and branch management to do small services such as "directpay enrollment" and "late fee removal", then that is highly unfortunate compared to any other industry. If the power really is there and they are able to do such services, then this is an ugly business practice to bring in more revenue based on late fees.

  • user avatar
    Lisa Harris
    - 4 years ago

    I wasn't very impressed with Loan Officer Todd's customer service skills. He's a very Low Connect person; whereas I'm a High Connect customer and need just a little more personalization. I had to ask another loan officer to get me some water although Todd's desk was right in front of the refreshments. I also overheard him talking to another customer once I had been moved behind the wall. He had an "oh well" attitude, I felt, with them. He told them since they were late and I was early he had to take me. If that had been me with his attitude I would've walked out and went to another company. It's safe to say he played the "blame game." I've worked customer service for more than 20 years so I do know what I'm talking about. I just felt like I was there to get him a commission if he get's them for the number of loans he can make in a day. I also would've preferred to have my loan put on one of your debit cards but that was not offered to me until I asked and was told it was too late since I was in the process of signing the loan papers although I had not completed the signing. There are other examples I could go into but I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying.

  • user avatar
    Chika Eze
    - 4 years ago

    I took my check book and went to pay off my loan. One of the manager came out and SAID NO they are not taking the pay off balance.. I asked her why? Her answer was you have to mail it to OneMain main office! I asked why? She said because! I said to her I called you before I came here, the check book is from my bank OneMain have be taking payment every month from, the same bank account, I have never missed any payment before, what are you talking about? Another manager heard my voice and came over and asked what is going on? I told him everything.. He got mad and called the main office told them what was going on. They want stupid people to be taken loan not smart once!

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