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Updated: Apr 07, 2023
author photo Written by Hannah Hall Updated: Apr 07, 2023
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Personal loan pro used to be where you could find suitable lenders for your financial situation. However, the platform's domain, personalproloan.com, is no longer responsive and does not offer loan services anymore. Alternatively, try CreditYelp to get access to credible personal loan lenders.

CreditYelp connects you with reliable lenders that give personal loans at a lower interest rate. It offers the same services as Personal loan pro with even better conditions.

Personal Loan Pro (Personalloanpro.com) has been permanently inaccessible

The Personal Loan Pro website (personalloanpro.com) has been inaccessible for a while and has people thinking that the site is only temporarily down and will be functioning again soon. However, that is not the case, as the site is now permanently inaccessible. So, if you enter the domain: personalloanpro.com now, it goes to NerdWallet.

That is so because the original owner of personalloanpro.com initiated a 301 Moved Permanently redirecting to NerdWallet.com. The most logical explanation for that is NerdWallet acquired Personal Loan Pro already. However, there is yet to be an official statement that confirms the deal.

Tip: What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect signifies the permanent movement of a site from its initial location to a different website.

Simply put, a 301 redirect sends a message to the browser saying the domain has changed its location, with the landing site being its new home, and there will be no reversal. Then the browser responds, saying it would lead everyone to that new location.

That is why if you try personalloanpro.com, it doesn't go there. You'll end up at Nerdwallet.com instead.

Because Personal Loan Pro is yet to make an official announcement, borrowers may find it strange that Nerdwallet.com comes up when they go to the old domain (personalloanpro.com). In addition, scammers can take the opportunity to commit fraud by creating a website with a similar domain as the Personal loan Pro site.

Such criminals will prey on unsuspecting borrowers who may think that the redirection results from their wrong entry. So, they may manually modify the domain leading to the cloned site.

Upon investigating, I found out that the following websites have a similar domain to personalloanpro.com:

  • Personalloanpros.com

  • Personaloanpro.com

  • Personalloanpros.com

Note that when you search any of the above websites, they all lead to a page where you could borrow a loan. However, these websites are likely impersonating the official website of personal loan pro. They do not have detailed company registration info, address, phone number, or copyright.

To be safe, choosing a credible and reliable loan platform is better than falling prey to these fake websites.

Alternative to Personal Loan Pro — CreditYelp

If you are looking for a platform to find credible personal loan lenders, look no further than CreditYelp. CreditYelp is an online broker that helps borrowers connect with suitable lenders for their financial situation.

We help you secure personal loans with lower interest and quicker turnaround. CreditYelp will find the ideal lender for you regardless of your credit score and financial needs. We also provide detailed evaluations and comparisons of available lenders so you can make informed decisions.

Get a Personal Loan Now!

If your credit falls into the bad credit range, most lenders and banks will likely see you as a credit risk. This is where CreditYelp comes to the rescue.

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At CreditYelp, we make the borrowing process easy as 1,2,3

  1. Fill out our form with the precise information, and we'll share it with our over ten trustworthy lenders.

  2. Willing personal loan companies will reply to you with their offer letters. Then, you can compare to select the most suitable of them all.

  3. Follow through the final process with the selected lender and expect the funding as soon as the next business day.

How does CreditYelp compare

Why Choose Us?
How much am I allowed to borrow?
Up to $35,000
No hidden fees or charges
How long is the loan repayment period?
Up to 36 months
Various repayment options
Do lenders check my credit?
Soft Check Only
Do lenders Accept bad credit?
Friendly to Bad Credit Borrowers
Chances of approval
High Approval Rate
How to apply?
Apply online
No paperwork needed
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Why choose CreditYelp?

  • Having bad credit will not stop us from finding suitable lenders for you.

  • We have a network of over ten reliable lenders with legit NMLS ID#.

  • You don't need to submit your information for each of our partner lenders. All you have to do is fill out one form, which we will share with all of them.

  • CreditYelp lender partners offer high loan limits.

  • All personal loan companies on our network charge pocket-friendly interest rates.

  • You have a high chance of securing a loan with the help of CreditYelp.

  • You can expect fair loan conditions from our lenders.

  • There will be no surprise fees when you deal with CreditYelp.

What is personal loan pro

Personal loan pro is an online loan platform founded in 2017. This site is not a direct lender and does not give loans directly. It is a loan comparison platform where you can connect with various lenders and compare and find the most suitable personal loans for your situation.

Personal Loan Pro does not charge borrowers; instead, it makes money from the fees collected from the lenders. Using the platform as a borrower won't cost you anything. It also does not get involved in the loan eligibility check or regulation of the interest rate.

Another thing all borrowers should know is that applying on Personal Loan Pro does not guarantee that your loan will be approved. The decision rests solely on the lenders.

Scouting for lenders on Personal Loan Pro connects you with trustworthy and reliable loan companies. In addition, it saves you time for individual searches and submitting the loan application multiple times to different companies.

What does Personal Loan Pro offer you?

Here are the things you can expect when you use the Personal Loan Pro platform:

  • Different Loan types: Lenders on Personal Loan Pro offer different loan types. You can get personal, bad credit, and unsecured loans on the platform. So, regardless of your credit score or lack of collateral, you can still get a loan that suits your financial needs.

  • Flexible loan amounts: Depending on the lender's decision, you can get any loan amount, from $1000 to $50000. Sometimes, you can get the loan amount you apply for if you are eligible. Other times, the loan company decides how much you merit.

  • APR range: Since the network of lenders on Personal Loan Pro is vast, the loans you get will have varied interest rates. However, the APR is usually between 2.49% to 35.99%.

  • Fee: Apart from the interest rate, some lenders on Personal Loan Pro may charge extra fees. The cost varies depending on the lender. For example, they may collect fees for processing, late payment, origination, or prepayment.

  • Repayment Period: The loan companies on Personal Loan Pro usually have their borrowers pay back within 2 to 180 months. Most times, the repayment length depends on the loan amount you collect. Smaller loans usually attract shorter repayment periods.

  • Decision Time: After you fill out an application form on Personal Loan Pro, it takes the platform about two minutes to filter through the lenders and pick out the ones that match your needs.

  • Disbursement Time: Personal loans generally have a fast disbursement time. On Personal Loan Pro, you can expect funding between 24 to 48 hours after you seal the deal with a lender.

What are Personal Loan Pro Qualifications?

As stated earlier, Personal Loan Pro does not determine its borrowers' qualification criteria. However, Personal Loan Pro may need some information, like your credit card score and other details to find you a suitable lender.

After you fill out the application, the lenders chosen may now check some of the following details to determine your eligibility for the loan;

  • Minimum FICO score: Some lenders prioritize your credit when determining how much loan they can offer you and at what interest rate. The minimum FICO requirement depends on the lenders on Personal Loan Pro.

  • Education Requirement: Some lenders on the platform take an interest in your education level when determining your eligibility. The education requirement totally depends on your lender's decision. However, not all of them will ask about this.

  • Debt-to-income ratio: Lenders on Personal Loan Pro who use the debt-to-income ratio as a criterion usually give loans to borrowers with bad credit. They want to be sure that your income sources can pay off the debt later. The cut-off ratio usually depends on your lender too.

  • Bank Account Verification: All Personal Loan Pro lenders confirm the bank account information of borrowers before they can be eligible.

  • US Citizen: Of course, being a US citizen is a must for all borrowers who want their loans approved. It is a very crucial criterion that all lenders on the platform check.

  • Hard Credit Pull: Lenders on Personal Loan Pro only sometimes request a review of borrowers' credit reports when processing their loans. They understand that a hard credit pull will impact your credit score. So, most of them just do a soft credit check instead.

Pros and Cons Of Personal Loan Pro

Here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of using Personal Loan Pro.


  • Quick offer comparison from different lenders

    Personal Loan Pro has an extended network of lenders that may get your loan application. You can compare offers from the selected companies to find the best loan.

  • Flexible loan amounts

    You can borrow between $1000 and $50000 on Personal Loan Pro as long as you qualify. Sometimes, your lender may offer you a lower loan amount than you require after analysis. That usually means your income source or credit score does not meet the requirements of such a lender.

  • Applications for loans do not affect your credit score

    One of the worst fears of borrowers is their credit score getting affected when they submit applications for loans. That is because some lenders go straight for a hard credit pull upon receipt of an application. Unfortunately, too much of that usually harms a borrower's credit score.

    But, with Personal Loan Pro, you may not experience that as the platform only carries a soft credit pull. However, your lender may decide to do a hard credit pull when processing your loan to ascertain your qualification- which may affect your credit score.


  • No Guarantee of Loan Approval

    Applying for a loan via Personal Loan Pro does not automatically guarantee it will be approved. After the platform filters through lenders and gets you possible matches, you still have to complete the application process with the lender if you accept their offer.

    Sometimes, there may be hiccups, such as bad credit or an unqualified income-to-debt ratio. If you don't meet the requirements of such a lender, the loan processing may be terminated halfway.

  • Limited information is available on the platform

    Personal Loan Pro does not tell borrowers how it filters through the list of lenders to select which quotes to display. It also gives little info about who qualifies for a loan with its network of lenders.

Collection of Customer Reviews and Ratings on Personal Loan Pro

From Scamadviser

Scamadviser is a website that researches a site to determine whether it's legit or a scam.

After their appraisal of Personal Loan Pro, Scamadviser gave the platform a 73% trust score. According to them, that is a pretty average score. Scamadviser also says the owner of Personal Loan Pro hides his identity deliberately.

From BBB

BBB is a non-profit organization that provides information about businesses and charities all over.

According to BBB, Personal Loan Pro belongs to On the Barrelhead. They say the business is credible, with an excellent rating, and has been operating for about two years. But, overall, BBB has gotten four complaints about Personal Loan Pro in its advertising sales.

From Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an online review platform that gathers feedback from customers patronizing different products and services.

Personal Loan Pro has a 4.0 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 17,560 reviews. The review community also rates the lending platform 232 out of the 249 best companies in the Non-bank financial service category.

From ConsumerAffairs

ConsumerAffairs is an American consumer review and news platform that provides purchasing advice to its audience through audience feedback.

According to ConsumerAffairs, Personal Loan Pro is a legit private loan marketplace. However, it advises people to carefully check the loan conditions from lenders before accepting their offers.

From Facebook

On Facebook, Personal Loan Pro has a rating of 1.8/5 on its official page based on 35 opinions. Most of the feedback is complaints about the lenders on Personal Loan Pro but not not the platform itself.


Is Personal Loan Pro safe and legit?

The Personal Loan Pro is a safe platform because it tells you what any data you submit is used for in its privacy policy. However, you should be careful when dealing with lenders on the site. Ensure you conduct background checks and see previous borrowers' reviews before accepting an offer from any loan company.

Also, check their loan conditions, interest rates, repayment terms, fees, and other requirements before taking a loan from the lenders.

How will Personal Loan Pro affect my credit score?

Upon submitting your application on Personal Loan Pro, the platform does a soft credit check as part of the procedures to find your quotes. That will not affect your credit score in any way.

However, when you decide to go further with a lender, such a company may do a hard credit check. When that is done frequently, your credit score may be affected adversely.

Also, your credit score may be affected positively or negatively when you eventually take a loan. For example, paying your loan on time will help raise your credit, while late payment can hurt it.

Can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

You can get a personal loan with bad credit from many online lenders. Some just check your income-to-debt ratio to see if you can repay the loan and cater to your basic needs.

To access a list of lenders that give personal loans for bad credit, try CreditYelp.


Personal Loan Pro was once a site where you could find trustworthy lenders. However, the website is no longer providing any lending services. Instead, the owner has initiated a 301 redirect that takes you to another location when you search personalloanpro.com on your browser.

So, how do you gain access to credible lenders now that Personal Loan Pro is gone? Use CreditYelp.

CreditYelp has over ten partner lenders giving borrowers personal loans at reasonable rates. All you have to do is contact us, and we will get it across to them.

Ready to take your next loan? Join CreditYelp now for better deals.

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