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PFS Financial Services provide Payday Loans, Title Loans, and other financial services.
According to Google feedback from 12 customers, PFS Financial Services has received an overall score of 2.1 out of 5.

Based on its previous record, we do not recommend this store.


PFS Financial Services provide Payday Loans, Title Loans, and other financial services.
According to Google feedback from 12 customers, PFS Financial Services has received an overall score of 2.1 out of 5.

Based on its previous record, we do not recommend this store.


  • Payday loans
  • Cash advance
  • Personal loan
  • Emergency Cash Loans
  • Financial Services
  • Quick Cash

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How to Apply Loan on PFS Financial Services?

Step 1 Eligibility and Documents

  • An Active Bank Account
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Most Recent Bank Statement
  • Checking Account + Bank Routing Number
  • Social Security Number/ITIN

Step 2 Location and driving instructions for PFS Financial Services

The address is 13825 Icot Blvd UNIT 603, Clearwater, FL 33760 .

Step 3 Fill out the application form

Waiting in line and talking to the staff when called. Fill out the application with your basic information and return it when finished.

Step 4 Review the term and sign the loan agreement (if approved)

Review the offer and rate. If you get approved and accept the term, you will need to sign the loan agreement in order to receive the loan.

Step 5 Received your loan.

Get a check, cash, or direct deposit for the amount you asked for. You are all set!

PFS Financial Services Compare With BadCreditLoans

PFS Financial ServicesBadCreditLoans
Est. Process Time1-2 daysAs fast as 2 hours
Approval LevelStandardHigh
Simplicity LevelStandard Easy (Apply Online)
Bad Credit ApproveConsiderConsider
Loan limit$100-$2000$100-$10000

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How should I contact the PFS Financial Services?

    For more information, try calling (727) 507-8300 or visiting the website If available, you can also find more information on the company's website.

  2. 2. Where is the address of the PFS Financial Services?

    The PFS Financial Services is open from 8:30 AM - 17:30 ,PM Monday, Monday through Friday. It is located at 13825 Icot Blvd UNIT 603, Clearwater, FL 33760 .

  3. 3. Does PFS Financial Services provide online loan service?

    The policy and terms may vary by state and location. It is recommended to check the availability on this merchant's website at

  1. 4. Are there any alternatives to PFS Financial Services?

    If you want to check out reviews and recommendations for other local stores, you can visit our page for more information. Or, if you'd rather do everything online, CreditYelp is an excellent option. It's secure, no contact, and you won't have to worry about long driving and waiting times.

  2. 5. Can I pay my loan early?

    Sure! For Payday Loans, please get in touch with a customer service representative at (727) 507-8300 to arrange an early payoff schedule.

  3. 6. What if I don't have a checking account?

    At this time, PFS Financial Services requires all users to have an active checking account in order to offer a Payday Loan.

PFS Financial Services Reviews

2.1 stars based on 12 reviews

Featured Comments:

  • user avatar
    Ivana Gomez
    - 2 years ago

    They are very rude. Coming after me for one payment threatening to repossed the car.

  • user avatar
    Misty Moore
    - 2 years ago

    Horrible people to deal with. They work with dealerships that scam customers. Even if you never make a late payment and you contact them weeky after an accident, they report false late payments to the credit bureaus AFTER cashing a check for the full price of the car. See my reports for GAA Auto Sales. Do business with literally ANYONE else

  • user avatar
    tristan grant
    - 2 years ago

    Very money hungry people, I had finance a car through them for a two year loan at 24% APR, never missed a payment but then buy a car off my mother to use the same Lender and , seemed like a hostile environment, they were trying to tell me I couldn’t take the car I less I get a loan ASAP and should be through them, then I get told interest went up and added 15 dollars on top of the loan payoff, made me drive 100 miles there for no reason , very unprofessional and never would recommend, but Cole the new guy getting trained was probably the only guy great had a smile on his face and greeted me with a pleasure, even though he was in training cole was literally the only person there that was professional

  • user avatar
    Antwan Addison
    - 3 years ago

    Very passionate about the individuals they allow loans to extremely understanding and caring, family would best describe the team.

  • user avatar
    Monica Bishop
    - 3 years ago

    I have been paying my car loan to them for over two years. Every person I have talked with is pleasant and understanding. They DO report to the creditors and have never reported me late. They go above and beyond to help their customers. They do call alot if your one day late.

  • user avatar
    Evelyn Koursiotis
    - 3 years ago

    I was financed thru this company just a month and a half prior to COVID I am and have been a server at a restraunt for 18yrs. As EVERYONE KNOWS restraunts were shut down in the state of Florida for a while so I fell behind in payments and my car was repossessed I called up the morning it happened and asked exactly what I needed to do or what needed to be done to get the car back I was told I had to pay $1800.00 I was confused as to why it was so much since my statement came later that day and stated $1045.00 I was told it was for fees seemed very high but ok so if I get the money I can have the car I was told I needed to come down to the office sit and discuss everything bring my proof of pay and get I believe 1000$ deductible insurance as I was under the impression that I was being charged $391.90 a month for insurance vs. the $272.00 initial payment I was under the impression that it was insured thru them as this was the first time I was getting financed vs. buying the car out right with cash I wasn't 100% on the way it worked bottom line I thought it was insured but was told I need to get my own OK will do!!!!! So I collected everything that was asked #1 THE MONEY #2 got the quote for the insurance and had him waiting to take payment when I got the OK and was ready to fax what was needed #3 had proof of income as my job is open now and money is Finally coming back in. Usually you pay what you owe and do what's asked and you get your car right?? Well at least EVERYONE that I have spoken to has said so including the lawyer I have gotten as well as the 8 on your side news reporter that is getting back to me WELL GUESS WHAT I went down with everything the first thing I was told it wasn't right that I didn't call and schedule an appointment cause they were short staffed but I was told come down cause trust me I would of called and scheduled an appointment if I knew that would of been an issue I was not trying to have any other issues! Well even though I had everything asked of me I was told by Mary that she was not convinced that she should give me my car cause she did not think I would keep in contact with her I explained trust me I never want to go through this ever again if it's a phone call you want I'll do it NOPE she refused my payment refused everything and basically told me no we are keeping your car the tow truck company they used to get my car said I am so sorry

  • user avatar
    Ashley Gainer
    - 4 years ago

  • user avatar
    Stephen H
    - 4 years ago

    Made my final payment after a 4 year loan. Final payment ended up being over $60 more then what it should have been. No good explination why. All they care about is taking as much money from you as possible. Would stay away from this financial group. Do not believe them when you call them and ask if your up to date as they will lie and say you are and then charge you more at a much later date. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!

  • user avatar
    - 5 years ago

    All the payments I have made now mean nothing

  • user avatar
    Brent Lewis
    - 6 years ago

    They threaten you and verbally abuse and try to intimidate you when you call to ask them when they will fix these problems and stop damaging peoples credit, and should pay reparations for damages done, like loss of house and car purchases and anything that has to do with credit. Former manager said this was originally a failure of their reporting software system, but then they did not allow them to manually send the account reports, resulting in hundreds of messed up, lost, and not reported accounts. The last kind is not repairable except by them, as admitted by virtually every credit repair company out there, and they refuse to do it or even lift finger to send a report to the credit bureaus. Have you had a similiar experience..? There is this legal thing called class action suit..

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