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If you have financial difficulties, especially when you need emergency cash, then a loan is your best option.

For those not intent to jump through too many hoops, or those with bad credit, a loan might be an inaccessible answer to your problem. That is until you search for options and stumble onto GreenDayOnline reddit reviews, which recommend GreenDayOnline as an excellent solution to your problems.

Unfortunately, there are just too many lenders offering loans and similar solutions to GreenDayOnline, which makes it difficult to determine whether it is the best option for you.

Through this GreenDayOnline review, we hope to give our readers all the information they need for an in-depth understanding of GreenDayOnline. You will find that it is a fair option for borrowers with bad credit, but it isn't the best option for those looking for lenders with good BBB ratings.

GreenDayOnline Loans Overview

GreenDayOnline is an online platform that allows borrowers to connect to potential lenders.

GreenDayOnline is not a direct lender and is instead a third-party that only works to connect lenders and creditors to borrowers. The service is available in 44 states but is based out of Texas.

The best feature is how it matches your loan requirements with suitable lenders, allowing both parties to enter a satisfactory contract.

GreenDayOnline Loans Highlights

  • Loan amounts: $100 - $5,500.
  • Loan types: Payday Loans and Installment Loans.
  • Credit check: Soft credit inquiry for prequalification, some lenders may conduct hard credit checks when you officially apply.
  • Minimum credit score: GreenDayOnline doesn't disclose a minimum credit score so it is unknown if there is one. However, the platform allows for borrowers with bad credit.
  • Funding time: Money as soon as the same day and not more than 24 hours after processing a loan request.
  • Repayment terms: GreenDayOnline allows borrowers to pay from 1 to 48 months depending on the lender.
  • Interest rate: Not disclosed, depends on its network's lenders.
  • Fees: GreenDayOnline allows borrowers to submit loan requests without prepayment or similar fees. However, such fees are often paid to the lender after they approve of your loan request. Similarly, the fees fluctuate greatly depending on the lender.
  • BBB Rating: F.
  • Fast funding.
  • Easy Online Process.
  • Bad credit considered.
  • Available in 44 states.
  • BBB current alters for this business.
  • It is not a direct lender.
  • No rates or fees are published.
Overall Satisfaction Rating
  • 5 star
  • 4 star
  • 3 star
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Bottom Line

GreenDayOnline, a third-party lender based out of Texas, connects people with bad credit scores to suitable lenders through its online platform. You will find that it is a fair option for borrowers with bad credit, but it isn’t the best option for those looking for lenders with good BBB ratings.

Where GreenDayOnline Loans Stand Out

Fast funding

One of the most notable benefits of GreenDayOnline is that it provides a platform that eases the process of applying and receiving your loan. Fast funding is a feature that is always welcome, especially since people might need the loan for emergencies.

For Payday loans: If your online application is submitted before 11:30 AM, you could be entitled to enjoy and start spending the money late in the afternoon. If you are looking for a payday loans online same day feature through your broker, then GreenDayOnline is an excellent solution.

For Installment loans: Most applications are processed before 5 p.m. and funded electronically within the next business day.

Easy Online Process

The online application form on the GreenDayOnline website doubles as a soft credit check that acts as a pre-qualifier for potential lenders. The one-page form includes personal, employment, and financial information, which after verification is forwarded to potential lenders, which saves you the hustle of having to forward additional information to selected lenders.

Bad credit considered

Offering guaranteed loans for bad credit borrowers is one of the major strengths of GreenDayOnline. Those with bad credit enjoy just as much privilege as any other borrowers using the site, as long as they are of legal age and have income in excess of $1000/month.

Available in 44 states

GreenDayOnline is based out of Texas and offers its services to customers in 44 states. However, it is unavailable for residents in Washington, Arkansas, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. You should confirm your eligibility through their website.

Where GreenDayOnline Loans Fall Short

BBB current alters for this business

The site claims that all its lenders are BBB-accredited businesses. However, GreenDayOnline itself is not BBB-accredited. More importantly, we cannot ascertain the credibility of the lenders who use the site. That said, the site has a high trust score at Scamadviser.

It is not a direct lender

As mentioned before, GreenDayOnline is not a direct lender and only works to connect the lender and borrower. Therefore, it is impossible and quite frustrating for the borrowers since they have no way of knowing beforehand who they'll be dealing with, the terms of the contract, and the cost of the loans.

No rates or fees are published

There are no rates or fees published on the GreenDayOnline website. Therefore, it is difficult for you to know estimated rates and whether the lender matched with you is costly or not.

What is the target clientele for GreenDayOnline?

For borrowers with bad credit, there are fewer lenders and creditors willing to offer loans and GreenDayOnline presents an excellent solution to the problem.

Therefore, one of the major target clients for GreenDayOnline are people with bad credit, especially those looking for payday loans for bad credit and installment loans for bad credit.

However, that doesn't mean that GreenDayOnline is only available to those with bad credit. People looking for payday online same day loans are yet another major client for GreenDayOnline particularly because it offers an online payday same day loans feature.

That said, anyone looking for a loan could use the platform regardless of their credit or urgency.

Compare GreenDayOnline to other lenders

Personal Loans™
Not Disclosed
Estimated APR
5.99% to 35.99%
5.99% to 35.99%
$100 - $5,500
Loan Amount
$1,000 to $35,000
$500 - $10,000
Not Disclosed
Minimum Credit Score
No minimum credit score is required
BBB Rating

GreenDayOnline vs Personal LoansTM

Personal LoansTM is one of the best alternatives to GreenDayOnline that you can find. The service allows borrowers to connect with their lenders, making the process of borrowing a loan easy to access and follow up.

Unlike GreenDayOnline, the rates, terms and requirements of the lenders are posted on the website, which allows borrowers to have an understanding of what they're getting themselves into.

The lenders will also do their own due diligence, in addition to the information you provide through Personal LoansTM, before they can offer you the loan. While this might slow down the process of acquiring the loan a bit, it also offers more assurance to both parties.

Personal LoansTM is BBB-accredited with a rating of A-, which is considerably higher than GreenDayOnline. The service allows borrowers to get loans ranging from between $1,000 to $35,000. The borrowers get to pay from anywhere between 6 months to 72 months. The APR rates vary between 5.99% - 35.99%, which are standard rates in the industry.

Personal LoansTM reviews praise its customer service, the fact that they encrypt personal information for security, and the large network of lenders.

The minimum credit score required by the company is 600, which might limit some, but still offers a significant leeway to those with credit scores not less than 600. Personal LoansTM also offers additional services such as credit monitoring, credit repair, and debt relief.

GreenDayOnline vs CashUSA

CashUSA is yet another platform that allows customers to find suitable lenders. Much like GreenDayOnline, the service allows for an easy application process, except that you don't login to the site. Instead, your information is used to connect you to suitable lenders.

The information on the rates and fees is published on the site, which is one big difference between GreenDayOnline and CashUSA. With CashUSA, there is much more transparency to be expected. The APR rates vary between 5.99% - 35.99%. The lenders you find through CashUSA offer loans from $500 to $10,000.

CashUSA doesn't have a minimum credit score requirement, which means it is available to and best for people who have bad credit. The site is a better alternative to GreenDayOnline because it is BBB-accredited even though it is not an industry leader with a rating of C-.

The borrowers have up to 72 months to repay their loans and the company is said to offer moderate quality customer service to cater for all their clients' needs.

GreenDayOnline Loans Requirements

To apply with GreenDayOnline, you need the following:

  • A U.S.A. Social Security number.
  • A current and active email address.
  • An active checking account number.
  • S. tax identification number.
  • Driver's license.
  • Proof of citizenship or residence permit.
  • Proof of income.
  • Recent bank statements.

Apply For A GreenDayOnline Loan in 4 Steps

  1. Add your personal information and contact information in the form on the website.
  2. Provide your income source as indicated in the form.
  3. Add your banking information in the form carefully.
  4. Sign the application form and send it.

How CreditYelp rates GreenDayOnline Loans

Overall Score 3.2/5 Explanation
Requirements & Application 4.5/5 The application process and requirements are quite clear and easy.
Loan accessibility 3.4/5 You can pay from 1 to 48 months depending on the lender.
Affordability 3.2/5 The interest rate is not disclosed, depends on its network’s lenders.
Reviews & Transparency 2/5 GreenDayOnline’s BBB rating is F.

GreenDayOnline FAQs

Q1: Is legit?

A: GreenDayOnline is indeed a legitimate business. That said, while the website claims that they have 15 years of experience, it is difficult to verify that since there are no documents to support that claim. Additionally, the site was registered a few years back and doesn't go back 15 years as claimed.

It is also necessary to point out that the business is not BBB-accredited. In fact, there is an alert on its posting suggesting that the site doesn't have a business registration in Pennsylvania. However, the site is not eligible for users in that particular state.

There are also no social media accounts registered to GreenDayOnline or any customer reviews on any other site.

Ultimately, the legitimacy of GreenDayOnline leaves much to question and doesn't offer much information to assure its customers.

Q2: Does GreenDayOnline Loan report my account activity to credit bureaus?

A: Yes. GreenDayOnline reports their customer's account activity to three credit reporting agencies including; Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Having a creditor reporting to one or more credit bureaus is a great way to prove your financial responsibility and improve your credit score.

Unfortunately, we cannot report on the quality of GreenDayOnline's customer service since they don't have community reviews on the subject.

Q3: Does GreenDayOnline charge a prepayment fee?

A: Since GreenDayOnline is not a direct lender, then it does not charge you any prepayment fees. Similar to other loan brokers, GreenDayOnline doesn't charge for its services and it does not endorse any lender on its platform. The fees you incur vary largely based on the lender.

The issue with that is that there is no information database on what fees a lender may charge on the GreenDayOnline website, which pretty much means that you're taking a leap of faith with every lender you assess on the site.

Q4: Does GreenDayOnline Loan charge a late fee?

A: GreenDayOnline charges a late fee based on the lender you choose. Keep in mind that missing one or more payments damages your credit score further for each delay.

If you suspect you might be unable to make the payment, you should contact your lender and explain the situation so that both parties can devise a beneficial payment strategy. For instance, they could extend your payment duration.

Q5: What's the difference between Installment Loans and Payday Loans?

A: Although both payday loans for bad credit and installment loans for bad credit are options offered on the GreenDayOnline platform, you should be careful to differentiate them to avoid any confusion when it comes time to pay off the debt. The only major difference lies in how they are paid back.

Payday loans are paid off as a single payment but installment loans are paid off in fixed amounts at fixed intervals over a duration of time. If you have the money, or if you expect to have the money at a given time, for instance, when you get your paycheck, then a payday loan is an excellent way for an emergency.

Installment loans, however, are a better option if you are not certain you can pay off the entirety of your loan at one time.

Q6: How can I improve my credit?

A: While there are a number of different ways to improve your credit score, they mostly don't apply to GreenDayOnline Loans. Generally, the best way to improve your credit score through GreenDayOnline is to pay off your loans on time and in full.

As mentioned before, GreenDayOnline reports your account activity to about 3 credit bureaus. Paying your loans on time shows your creditworthiness and improves your credit score considerably.

Q7: What happens if I pay late?

A: When you agree to the offer of a loan, you also agree to the terms of the lender on repayment. That means that should you exceed your payment date, then you are liable to pay extra fees. These fees depend on the lender. However, it is possible to come to an agreement with your lender if you inform them beforehand that you might be late with your payment. Of course, even then you might have to pay extra for your loan.

GreenDayOnline Reviews

The review data come from Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and WalletHub.

  • Trustpilot
  • WalletHub
  • ConsumerAffairs
  • CreditYelp
  • 4.1 stars based on 23 reviews

    • M
      I really appreciate your assistance during this critical time of need. Very fast and simple business to work with! Once more, many thanks!
    • B
      Brian Cooper
      Super quick and easy to apply for a payday loan!
    • V
      I needed emergency funds fast. This was a quick and easy process. I applied, was approved and funded immediately. As someone who avoids credit cards this is a great option. If paid back quickly you wind up paying very minimal in fees. I will definitely use if I need again.
    • S
      Sal Angeles
      Green day helps you find the right lender based on your situation. The process wasn't hard. I got my badly needed funding the following day.
    • M
      Quick Decisions, Reasonable Rates, Five Stars All Around!
    • T
      I used greendayonline to find a loan. I had several to chose from and it took less than 10 minutes to fill everything out & get results. I had my money the next day. Greendayonline did an amazing job helping me find a lender. Thank you
    • M
      Mae Dee
      The site is a scam. All of the reviews are made up accounts. Some of them are even stealing pics of models online to make them seem real. When applying They send you to other sites after they get your info. I called the other site and they said they didn’t know why I was sent to them. It is a way for them to collect your data. When you call them they ask for your verbal ok to use your information for their party sites to sell your info and that it won’t affect your approval. If you say No, they immediately hang up. I did it five times and recorded it. If you say yes, you get through. I just quit at that point because it is so obvious they are scamming.
    • L
      Loccie Brown
      I have used Greendayonline from several years and they have always been very kind and always helped me any way they can.I have recommended them to my friends.
    • C
      Cheryl Thompson
      They said quarantined approvial with a car title. No go for me .very disappointed
    • K
      Kim Kiser
      I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to receive a loan from you. You have really helped me in my time of need.
  • 0 stars based on 0 reviews

    • empty review
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  • 0 stars based on 0 reviews

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